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addendum to a past journal...  
11:08pm 29/01/2008
in which i called eric's ex Andrea a fat bitch, etc. She has actually proven herself to me sofar that she is not so bad. She's going out of her way to be nice to me, which is a strange new experience for me. Most people are not nice to me without ulterior motives, especially not anyone that knows eric. He has officially tainted the minds of probably 1-200 myspace users against me who have never even met me, just for leaving him. So this journal was just to let out some astonishment/surprise that Andrea is actually being cool to me. It would actually be sweet if we ended up being close acquaintances. If eric wouldn't have had such history with her, I always told him that we would have been friends. So here's to you, Andrea. thanks for being decent.
mood: hmmmm.
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09:37pm 22/01/2011 (UTC)
I can' t but agree.I each wanted to write in my neighbourhood something like that but I think you' r faster.
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